This Volkswagen Beetle is actually Maruti Swift

The most famous vehicle worldwide is the Volkswagen Beetle. However, the market has shrunk. The number of users who now use them has decreased. But even now we seem to be there. Here we see a Maruti Suzuki Swift car converted into a Volkswagen Beetle car in Madhya Pradesh. Let’s find out more about it!

The Maruti Suzuki Swift Car was manufactured as a Volkswagen Beetle Car by Magneto in Madhya Pradesh. A lot of similar transformations have taken place in the same garage as before. Making it this way is very exciting. Because creating something new is an experience. It was because of this intense enthusiasm that this rare car was made.

According to the video, it took them 10 to 12 days to make this car. The body of the vehicle is made of heavy gauge sheet metal. Based on this video we know that it was prepared with the proper care until the very end.

This car has four seats. But now it has lost two doors. This car looks compact. The headlamps and taillamps were used by Volkswagen to give this vehicle an original look. These work very well. The cabins feature red and black. It looks very appealing to watch.

It also includes a touchscreen infotainment. To add a premium feel to the vehicle, it features a push-start system. But you have to use the key to start it. The engine stays in the vehicle as well. It works with a 1.3-liter diesel engine. No changes were made to the mechanicals of the vehicle.

The Volkswagen Beetle is priced at Rs. 4.5 lakhs. But we are not entirely sure if the donor car included the price. The person who made the transformation for this vehicle also said that they have done similar transformations on the previous generation Maruti Suzuki WagonR and can do this for any other vehicle if the customer wishes. He also said that they do not have much information, particularly about the RTO and the registration certificates of the garage vehicle.

Usually such changes are not legal in India. We should note that if such constructions are required, the vehicle may require some changes in the statutory RC. Vehicles with such huge changes will soon be seized in metropolitan cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. Such vehicles may be used in accordance with some of the rules governing their manufacture.

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