Thanos was used by Dr. Strange to kill Iron Man, suggesting a new Marvel theory

Avengers: The Endgame may have wrapped up the fate of Thanos and many other OG characters, but Marvel fans have not given up on connecting the dots with the intricate fabric that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The new fan theory that is making the rounds on the internet is gaining a lot of attention online, as it throws some negative light on our favorite Avengers – Doctor Strange.

The theory circulating on Reddit is that Tony Stark aka Iron Man’s ultimate Snap is nothing more than the removal of Thanos, but also the plot by Steven Strange to eliminate Stark, Vision, Hulk, Thor and the Infinity Stones.

The Marvel fan and Reddit user provided six reasons to support his theory, the first being the ability to destroy civilizations even if Mega-villain Infinity Stones were not captured.

He argues that almost all of the problems facing the Avengers, other than Tony Stark, occurred directly or indirectly, which is why Dr. Strange found him unreliable. And once he has crafted the Commodified Time-Travel, there is good reason to believe that with that power he will also cause destruction in the future.

When it comes to Vision, his weakness is that he is neither human nor machine, but comes in the form of Ultron’s merged mind, which has a strong propensity for complete and complete annihilation.

The Hulk is alive and well known by theory as a ‘loose cannon’, arguing that his smart and thoughtful version of the future could be even more dangerous.

On the other hand, when Thor rejected the crown as the savior of all nine kingdoms, he was counted on the theory that he could not fulfill his responsibilities on his own planet, so he was not likely to guard the rest of the world.

In addition, the Infinity Stones and their destruction come as a no-brainer, as the enormous power that they inflict is endangering reality.

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