Samsung Galaxy S11 launch date is set for February 11th

The wait for the Galaxy S11 is almost over, as Samsung has officially announced the date for its next big smartphone launch event: Tuesday, February 11th.

The Samsung Unpacked Keynote will take place in San Francisco on February 11 at 11 am, according to an official invitation sent to Techradar and other media outlets. This is the timing of last year’s Galaxy S10 Launch event and mirror the City.

There are some differences in 2020: we expect three Samsung Galaxy S11 phones instead of four, all with a 5G modem. This means that the standalone Galaxy S10 5G does not need a sequel. While we still expect the new phones to be called the S11, Samsung has been rumored to be using the Galaxy S20 numbering scheme by ripping off nine names.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 shows up at the event as well as still under development. And, if Samsung could sort out the problems with the first galaxy fold, the new model could be launched in time (last year, Samsung’s galaxy fold release date was delayed by five months). This may take a completely different look, as we saw in the Samsung video in October 2019, the foldable flip phone.

Samsung Galaxy S11 predictions

Currently, we hope to have the base model, plus model and ultra model, according to the recent rumor of the Galaxy S11 line. The lineup also offers display sizes ranging from 6.2 inches to 6.9 inches. And all should be powered by the new Samsung Exynos chipset and the Snapdragon 865 chipset depending on the region.

Given the fact that the event is aligned with the 2019 timeline, we can expect the new Galaxy S11 phones to go on sale in late February or early March, around MWC 2020. The phones were first released on March 8 last year.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is low on certainty. Although we expect the company to have a new foldable device at the February event, there is little evidence of an immediate release date. Above all, there is a gap between the original Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy S10 phones.

It is also unclear whether we can expect a new flip phone-style design such as the new Moto Razor, or whether Samsung plans to follow the Galaxy Fold as a mini-tablet, with a similar design.

The February unpacked event was not just to see the new Samsung tech. Learn more about our CES 2020 coverage and we’ll let you know if we hear more about the device from Las Vegas.

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