How Catriona feels about being on ‘ASAP,Showtime

MANILA – Filipinos know Catriona Gray is a woman who inspires many people with her eloquence and confidence every time she takes the stage. The former Miss Universe, however, admits that being on ABS-CBN shows like “ASAP” and “It’s Showtime” scared her.

“The fear of Mae Bagong is … I used to walk on stage and talk on stage, but when it comes to singing, I don’t have much experience, so it gives me a little nerve,” she said in an interview Monday. “But the more I do, the more I will be performing on stage. I really welcome the opportunities to learn and grow. I am very grateful for the opportunities so far this year,” she continued.

With these new breaks, Gray hopes to become more fluent in Filipino speaking

“I really want to at least try to be fluent, or to the best of my ability to communicate with the Filipino people. In accordance with my lawyer, I would like to visit and negotiate eventually, and if I am fluent, in the provinces, I think it is easy to understand. It’s really something I’m working on, ”she said. On Sunday, Gray celebrated her birthday on “ASAP” with Young Focus Philippines children, who she personally supports.

Her birthday celebrations continued on Monday when she debuted as the newest guest host of “It’s Showtime.”

When asked how she felt at the afternoon show, she said: “Sobrang Masaya. In fact, this is a very special day for me as it is my birthday today. It was a really wonderful way to spend time with my fans and with the people of Madlong and this week. I knew I was in good spirits. ”

She also had a beautiful personal birthday wish with her family.

My personal birthday wish is that I will spend more time with daddy this year. He is very old now so it is very clear to me that I should make time for him. In fact, in this state, it is a very busy life. Time passes very fast. It is important to remind me to stay close to my family and give them time, too, ”she said.

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