DOH warns against unverified information on mystery disease from China

Manila Speaking to DZMM, Duke reminded Filipinos to get their information only from the Department of Health.

“The basic information that our citizens need to believe is that it comes from the Department of Health, because the Health Department has the authority and ability to contact WHO to provide factual information,” he said. . (The basic information that people need to trust is from the Department of Health, because the Health Department has the authority to coordinate and verify information with WHO [World Health Organization].)

And hopefully we do not believe the statements of various groups that have not been verified or confirmed, ”he said. (And I believe we have to rely on unverified or non-verified information from different groups.) According to Duke, the DOH is still waiting for official health advice from the WHO regarding the disease.

“We are waiting for more detailed information, but for now, we should not worry too much and make comments that do not really help in understanding the disease that is spreading in the city of Wuhan, China,” he said. Said. (We are still waiting for clear information about it, but for now, we should not worry too much and avoid making unnecessary comments that may not help us understand the disease in the city of Wuhan, China.)

Duke said China learned from its experience with the SARS virus in 2003 and is now more transparent about illness. Health officials at the airports are using thermal scanners on Chinese travelers, who have to undergo physical tests if they have a fever, a cold, or a cough, said health spokesman Eric Domingo.

The DOH is ‘doubly cautious’ against travelers from China due to the mystery disease

The infection was first reported last week in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, with a population of 1 million – leading to online speculations about the resurgence of the highly contagious SARS virus that killed hundreds more a decade ago.

China said Sunday that the outbreak is not a flu-like virus SARS. Wuhan police say 8 people have been sentenced for “misrepresenting or forwarding false information on the Internet without verification.”

China has ruled out SARS in the spread of the mystery viral pneumonia

The reported symptoms in patients are mainly fever, some patients have difficulty breathing, and chest radiographs show traumatic injuries on both lungs. Seven of the 59 patients were seriously ill, but none died, according to the Wuhan Health Commission. Everyone is being treated in quarantine.

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